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09/01/1998: IBM PPC740, first microprocessor copper-wired. Cooper replaces aluminum.
09/01/1966: R.Baer aims to create games using the TV. It is the pioneer of video game consoles.
09/01/2013: Communist government of Vietnam prohibits Vietnamese discuss politics on the Internet.
In 1981: Xerox introduce Star Workstation, first commercial PC with graphic interface, Windows and mouse.
09/01/2005: Sony introduce the PlayStation Portable (PSP)
09/01/1969: Internet Origins: ARPANET was born. Installed the first IMP (Router) at UCLA.
09/01/1486: Marcus Coccius receives Venezia, the first CopyRight for his book Decades rerum Venetarum
09/01/1983: President Reagan opened the GPS to civilian use after a lost commercial jet is shot down over the USSR.
09/01/2004: Presented the network access (GAN – UMA), base to use IP telephony on mobile devices over LAN.
09/02/2005: Nikkon introduce Coolpix P1, first camera with Wi-Fi.
09/02/1997: Apple ends the Macintosh clones and buys back the license to Power Computing (USD 100MM in cash shares + 10MM).
09/02/1973: The very first computer log is generated in a PDP10 at UCLA.
09/02/1987: Philips introduce the first CD for Video. It stored just 5 minutes.
09/02/1969: Installs in Rockville Center NY First ATM modern.
09/02/2008: Google released beta version of his new Web browser, Google Chrome.
09/02/1999: eBay suspended the auction of a human kidney. It raises to USD 5.7 million before the suspension.
09/03/1995: Pierre Omidyar creates AuktionMasters. Later it became known as eBay.
In 09/2013: Digitel launches first LTE mobile phone network (almost 4G) in Venezuela.
In 1998: Steve Mann builds a prototype of the first watch phone-video
In 09/1965: Casio introduce 001, first electronic calculator with memory function.
09/03/1971: R.Tomlinson (BBN) develops the first email program and uses for the first time the symbol@.
In 09/1973: The Pentagon creates the Defense Navigation Satellite System (DNSS), predecessor of the GPS system.
09/03/2001: Hewlett-Packard acquired Compaq for $ 25 billion.
09/04/1998: Internet: Google Inc company born.
09/04/2001: MacAfee release the first antivirus for handheld.
09/04/1888: George Eastman registered the Kodak brand and receives the patent for the photographic roll
In 2010: J.Jacobs sold in 635.000USD The Club Neverdie, a record for a virtual property.
In 1983: Poor quality products, excess supply and cause PC Videogame Crisis. Sales fall 99 % compared to 1982.
In 1991: A.Lemmke, Server Manager, does not like the name of the new SOP (Freix) which should be distributed. Renames to Linux
In 1985: Nintendo NES-001 assures quality in videogames with the Chip 10NES..
In 09/1952: ECC introduce ELECOM 110: speed 0,12Mhz and memory 2K, for just $62,500.
In 1959: R.Noyce creates the first modern Chip: monolithic, flat and made of silicon.
09/05/1983: In Newsweek it is published for the first time the term Hacker.
09/05/2007: Steve Jobs introduce The Apple iPod Touch.
In 1975: Xerox PARC introduce Alto, first computer with mouse Graphic interface.
09/05/2012: Nokia introduce Lumia 820, first with Qi Wireless Inductive load.
09/06/2002:At the Intel Developer Forum, several companies announced the first Serial ATA products.
In 1985: Steve Jobs and others ex-Apple, creates NeXT Inc. To manufacture workstations.
09/06/1989: System Error sending email with accusations of murder and prostitution to 41,000 people.
09/06/2008: Google launches satellite GeoEye1, his record resolution allows up to 40 cms details
09/06/1968: BBN licita to build the first node ARPAnet : an IMP (Information Message Processor).
09/06/1968: Telefunken introduce RKS Rollkugel Steuerung, first commercial mouse.
In 09/1995: C.Jaeb founded Audionet, the first regular radio -internet: goo.gl/ZdqVp.
09/07/1979: ESPN debuts. It was the main driver of cable TV.
09/07/1998: The search engine Google officially born.
09/07/2005: Yahoo! deliver private data to China to imprison Shi Tao reporter.
09/07/1912: Born in USA David Packard (-26/03/1996), cofounder of HP.
09/07/2008: Apple recognized Kane Kramer as the inventor of The IPod to call him as a witness in a patent trial.
09/07/1972: Atari introduce Pong, the first bestseller videogame.
09/08/1979: The PC comes to Hollywood: Commodore PET 2001 in A Man, a Woman, and a Bank.
In 1978: Jobs introduce the Lisa project Caracter Interface. Raskin convinces him to visit Xerox PARC and change into a graphic interface.
09/08/1998: Franklin introduce the Handheld Rex Pro, 512KB RAM.
09/08/1999: Bill Clinton becomes the first president to make an announcement via Webcast.
09/08/1991: WordStar Internacional introduce a version for Windows.
09/08/1973: Micro Computer Machines introduce MCM/70, the 2cond microcomputer preassembled.
09/09/1979: Rob Barnaby from MicroPro writes in asembler the Wordstar for CP/M.
09/09/2013: In China, if a Twitt libelous receives about 500 RTs, the tweeter could face 36 months in prison.
09/09/1941: Born Dennis Ritchie (-12/10/2011), creator of C Language and Co-author of Unix.
In 1968: Shinshu Seiki introduce EP-101, first matrix printer. the Epson brand is born.
09/09/1995: Fraunhofer IIS WinPlay3: first MP3 player software in real time.
09/09/1945: Mark II Programmers find the first bug in a program (hence the term): A moth in a relay of Mark II.
09/09/2008: In the event “Let’s Rock”, Steve Jobs jokes about his obituary mistakenly released days earlier.
09/10/1991: Linus Torvalds release the freeware Linux 0.01 for AT-386.
In 1981: Atari introduce the videogame Missile Command for Arcade.
09/10/1990: A. Emtage and J. Deutsch introduce Archie, the first Internet search engine.
09/10/2014: Stephen Hawking Introduce The Intel Intelligent Wheelchair.
In 1974: The Project Xerox Parc initiates the development of Gypsy, first text editor with copy and paste commands.
09/10/1984: Computer Metaphor and the first wireless mouse (Logitech).
In 1978: Jef Raskin initiates the project Apple Macintosh GUI based on the Xerox Parc metaphor.
In 1998: Sun includes in its SPARCstation the first laser mouse.
09/11/1928: W2XB transmits “The Queens Messenger,” the first televised drama.
09/11/1946: First long-distance conversation carriage to carriage.
09/11/2014: SanDisk introduce Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I, the first Memory Card of 512GB.
09/11/1940: George Stibitz, It makes the first remote operation from a phone to a computer.
In 1979: Atari introduce the first videogame of Superman.
In 1974: Taito introduce Speed Race, first videogame with scrolling on the images and cars crashing.
09/12/1958: Jack St. Clair Kilby (Texas Instruments), introduce the first Integrated circuit (Chip).
09/12/2012: In San Francisco, 5 planes draw 1000 decimals of the number PI.
In 1979: K.Kramer IXI patents (digital player). As a model used by Apple to create the iPod.
In 1981: Microsoft develops Interface Manager (Windows) for MS -DOS -based on Xerox 8010
09/12/1981: Created Chaos Computer Club, one of the biggest hacker groups in the world.
09/12/2014: Chongqing (China), the first city to establish a lane sidewalk for cellphone addicts.
09/12/1991: Sony introduce Data Discman. It worked with mini CDs.
09/13/1999: Shimon Shmueli patents the USB flash drive (pendrive).
In 1979: Cinematronics introduce Starhawk, first Arcade based on Star Wars with pseudo-3D.
09/13/1956: IBM introduce the first hard disk (5 MB) inside of the computer 305 RAMAC.
09/13/1985: Nintendo release Super Mario Bros.
In 1994: Denso introduce Quick Response Code (QR): codes in 2D up to 7000 characters.
09/13/1992: In the trial for copyright Nintendo vs Atari, judge states that the Reverse Engineering is a legitimate practice.
In 2006: MasterCard and Chinatrust introduce the first watch able to make contactless payments.
09/14/1974: Xerox Parc develops Bravo, the first word processor WYSIWYG.
09/14/2009: Astronaut request for suicidal flight to moon of Saturn. Pay $ 25,000.
09/14/2000: Microsoft introduce his problematic Windows ME, replaced in 2001.
09/14/1886: Is patented the ribbon typewriter.
09/14/1995: Begins the payment (50USD) for domain registration. NSF maintains the subsidy for.edu.
09/15/2006: Sony introduce mylo Personal Communicator: browser Opera, MPEG-4, MP3 and Skype.
09/15/1998: WorldCom and MCI Communications they merge. In 2003, the.com bubble, would be the largest bankruptcy in US history.
09/15/1947: Founded Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), the oldest computists society.
09/15/2003: The anti-copyright organization introduce Piratbyran The Pirate Bay, web for p2p file sharing via BitTorrent.
09/15/1997: www.Google.com Domain Registered by Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford PhD students.
09/15/1999: Uthere.com becomes the first Application Service Provider (ASP) business.
09/15/2008: Intel introduce Xeon 7400, the first comercial processor 6 core.
09/15/2011: McAfee Appoints Heidi Klum the most dangerous web search.
In 1991: Venezuela: Cenamec initiates the computer massification with the program ” The computer at school”.
09/16/2008: CONATEL controls NIC.VE, which manages the domain name space. VE.
09/16/2015: Apple Store suffers first massive attack: Malware infects hundreds of Apps
09/16/1985: Steve Jobs resigns as President of Apple Computer and register your company NeXT.
In 09/1988: Starts Hits 107 (Union Radio group). The first commercial FM station in Venezuela.
In 09/2015: Guyana asks Google Maps street names change positions by Venezuela in Reclamation Zone
In 09/2014: internetlivestats.com announced that the milestone of 1,000,000,000 web pages was reached.
09/16/2013: int3.cc presents the USB-Condom, to “penetrate” without risk any USB port.
09/16/1965: J.Sutherland presents ECHO IV, homemade first computer.
09/17/1991: the first version (0.01) of the Linux kernel is published on the Internet.
In 1982: Logitech P4 presents his first mouse.
In 1990: IBM has signed agreements with PDVSA to incorporate information technology as a tool in education.
In 1999: Wired-Equivalent-Privacy (WEP), is the first security algorithm for Wi-Fi certified IEEE
In 09/1971: Sony unveils U-matic, first analog VCR system. Because of its high cost was used only in industry.
09/17/1998: A. Blosser, hacks 2585 computers. He did use his processing capacity to find a new prime number.
09/18/1959: CODASYL Researchers decide to call Cobol the language they develop.
09/18/1830: Tom Thumb, the first American locomotive, lost race against a horse.
09/18/1957: IBM and American Airlines agree to develop SABRE, the largest reservation system.
In 1994: Panasonic SC-VC10 presents the first Video CD Player. MPEG1, offering digital video and audio.
In 1984: E.Corley published “2600: The Hacker Quarterly”, which gave tips for Hackers.
09/18/1998: US Government begins to outsource the management of the Internet, for that creates ICANN.
09/19/1982: Scott E. Fahlman suggested the use of emoticons to express mood: -).
In 09/1998: USB-IF has the USB 1.1 standard, with transmission speeds from 1.5 Mbit / s to 12 Mbit / s.
In 1980, Sony and Philips create the Red Book: Specifies the new format, the Compact Disc (CD).
09/19/2011: GE introduce HDlive, medical ultrasound 3D / 4D.
09/19/2003: Logitech sells the mouse number 500.000.000
09/19/1928: Walt Disney presents the first cartoon spoken. Debuts Mickey Mouse.
In 1934 Telefunken Berlin introduce SE-III, the first electronic TV.
In 1977: Panasonic develops his Digital Audio Disc. The name “Compact Disc” comes from his other product the Compact Cassette.
09/20/2010: Released Microprocessor SPARC T3, first with more than 1,000 million transistors.
In 1995: DEC has AltaVista, the first search engine for mass use.
09/20/2002: Begins the Tor Project, a network of virtual tunnels that seeks to maintain the Internet anonymously. www.torproject.org
09/20/1954: The first program runs in the Fortran programming language.
In 09/2001: CANTV Private connects Venezuela with ARCOS 1 submarine cable, venezuelan’s last link to the Internet Backbone.
09/21/1972: Texas Instruments enters into the market with electronic calculators TI-2500.
09/21/2000: McAfee detects Phage, the first virus for hand held. Palm-OS to attack.
09/21/2010: Google introduce his Transparency Report. It includes interference from governments on Google: goo.gl/xvqmPn
09/21/2004: Wikipedia reaches one million articles in a hundred languages.
In 09/2007: Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony and LG announce the micro-USB as the standard for his connectors.
09/22/1980: P.Allen (Microsoft) contact R.Brock (Seattle Computer), asking sublicense 86-DOS to a potential client (IBM).
In 09/2012: In Japan become obsolete telephone booths in aquariums.
09/22/2004: Activision presents Rome: Total War, considered the best strategy game.
09/22/1986: Historical Precedent for Computer Industry. NEC vs Intel case: judge rules that the software should be patentable.
In 1999: First major Cyberwar takes place simultaneously with the war in Serbia / Kosovo.
09/22/1999: User in eBay auction 500 lbs of marijuana, came to 10million USD, before the suspension of ebay.
09/23/1889: F.Yamauchi founded Nintendo Koppai. They create cards to play Hanafuda.
In 1996 Larry Page and Sergey Brin are working on Google Demo version.
09/23/1962: ABC network premiere The Jetsons.
09/23/1983: MCI Communications introduce MCI Mail, the first commercial email service.
09/23/2002: Mozilla presents Mozilla Project Phoenix 0.1 (now Firefox) browser.
09/23/1999: MarsClimate Probe crashes. The probe used miles, the Control Center used Kms.
09/23/1985: Apple demand Jobs to form NeXT with his former employees and key technologies.
1943-1959: First Generation of Computers: The Age of vacuum tubes.
09/24/2013: Announcement false iOS 7 makes iPhone users immerse themselves underwater.
In 09/1978: Sony unveils prototype of an optical disc Audio. Reproduced 150 minutes.
09/24/1852: Occurs the first self-propelled flight: a blimp fly from Paris to Trappes.
09/24/1979: Compuserve offers dial information.
09/24/2015: A Robot makes the queue to buy the new iPhone 6 in Australia.
In 1978: G.Perlegos introduce Intel2816, first EEPROM memory. Electrically erasable.
In 09/1976: Commodore purchase (USD 12MM) MOS Technology, 2nd chipmaker
In 1960, AT & T has Dataphone, the first commercial modem.
09/25/2015: A Robot buy an iPhone 6S after doing 27 hours of queuing.
In 1988: Sony accepts the defeat of his Betamax format war VCR and begins manufacturing of VHS equipment.
09/25/1989: Atari Lynx has first hand game console color.
09/25/2015: EA presents FIFA 16, first game with women players.
09/25/1928: Founded Galvin Manufacturing Corporation. Now known as Motorola.
In 1989: Grid introduce GRiDPad, first modern tablet to the consumer.
09/26/2006: Facebook opens to the public for all who are older than 13 years.
09/26/2013: Apple pays $ 3.3 million to the inventor Saito by copying his patents in Click Wheel of the iPod.
09/26/1976: Dataram presents Bulk Core (it was a 2MB Hard Disk), the first Solid State Drive (SSD).
In 09/1956: Librascope LGP-30, pioneered the use of Teleprinter as user interface.
In 1996, Artemis has WebTV, 2nd Internet TV system. In 2001 is bought by Microsoft and renamed MSN TV.
09/26/2013: Nissan sells his model Versa Note… Thru Amazon !.
09/27/2003: Eutelsat launches e-BIRD satellite Internet first provider to the public, to 1Mb / s.
In 09/2004: S.Horlander creates the RSS icon for Mozilla Firefox browser.
In 09/1953: St. John Publishing Co. introduce Mighty Mouse, the first 3D cartoon.
09/27/1983: R.Stallman published the GNU Manifesto. Starts pro Free Software Movement.
09/27/1922: The Power of Love, the first 3D movie premieres.
09/27/1983: Crisis Games: Atari buries 700,000 ET, Pacman and others cartridges in the desert.
09/28/2012: Tim Cook apologizes for flaws in Apple Maps and suggests to use Google Maps.
09/28/1998: Internet Explorer wins the first war of web browsers to overtake Netscape as a world leader.
09/28/1925: Born Seymour Cray (-05/10/1996), father of CRAY-1, the first supercomputer.
09/28/2004: RIM Introduces BlackBerry7290. Wireless, color, 32MB flash memory, 4MB SRAM.
09/28/2008: British Secret Service admits using Facebook to find new spies in his country.
09/28/2000: Apple does not meet revenue and earnings expectations, the stock price falls 52% to 25USD.
09/28/1999: Unusual: Amazon patented the “sale using 1 click”. Barnes and Noble forces to sell with 2 clicks.
09/28/2014: China blocks instagram.com trying to hide pro-democracy protests in HongKong.
In 09/2012: Hong Kong: internet record speed: 54Mbps. 50 times more than Venezuela.
09/29/1920: Joseph Home Store sells pre-assembled the first radio receiver.
09/29/1975: IBM introduce 5100, the first commercial laptop.
09/29/2005: Apple removed from his Web this message… was not obvious? “IPod shuffle is not edible.”
09/29/1912: F.Boland makes the first flight in Venezuela. Caracas fly over, taking off from the Racecourse Paradise.
In 09/1975: HP introduces HP150 first touch screen PC.
09/29/1954: Founded CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research),where Berners-Lee invented the Web.
09/30/1915: D.Sarnoff raises to sell a ‘Radio Music Box’ to every home receive wireless music.
09/30/1980: Commodore announces the CBM 8032.It had 96KB RAM.
In 09/2006: E.Williams CEO of Odeo, offers to buy shares of Odeo (creator of Twitter). Pay 5MM USD. In 2013 worth USD 30MMM
09/30/2008: Oops! R. Stallman, founder of the Free Software Foundation, says that Cloud Computing is a “Stupidity”.
In 09/1982: Atari built in 1 month the Videogame ET, of such low quality triggers the crisis of 1983.
09/30/1993: Go Alive ALIWEB, the first search engine created for the Web.
09/30/2001: Webvan lost USD375MM initial share offer. The biggest bankruptcy in “.com bubble”.