October on Tech History

1017-visicalc10/01/2001: NTT DoCoMo launches the era of high-speed cell with the first 3G (WCDMA) network.
10/01/2013: FBI closes Silk Road (Tor hidden network), market online of criminal activities.
10/01/2006: Defeating the patent, the standard GIF image management becomes free to use.
10/01/2000: The cover of Playboy shows a model holding an Apple iBook SE.
10/01/1969: Intel debuts as producer with a revolutionary 1KB RAM Chip!.
10/01/1982: Sony launches first CD player, the CDP-101 model.
10/01/1979: Founded Activision, the first independent game developer. Creates games for any console.
10/01/1994: Tim Berners-Lee creates the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to improve his idea, the Web.
In 10/1997: FBI developed Carnivore monitoring software widely used following the 11S.
In 10/1958: J. Koss SP3 introduce first stereo headset to listen music.
10/02/1988: Ashton-Tate’s released dBase IV for MS-DOS.
In 1979, Sony and Philips join forces to develop the new Digital Audio Disc (CD).
10/02/2007: Google found that Gmail is registered in Germany. Google must pay a fine and use the name “Googlemail”.
10/02/1970: Panasonic introduce TR-001, the first commercial pocket TV.
10/03/1948: The scientist Norbert Wiener invented the term Cybernetics.
10/03/1972: The company Sony SA is founded.
10/03/2008: Apple shares fall 10% by rumor (reported in Internet and CNN) Jobs heart attack. The SEC opens probe.
In 10/1994: TECO introduce Pocketweb for Apple Newton, the first browser for PDA.
In 1967 L.Roberts, V.Cerf and B.Kahn publish plans to develop ARPANET.
10/03/1989: Maxis introduce SimCity for Commodore 64.
In 10/1953: Paul Niquette invents the word ‘software’.
10/04/1957: USSR launches Sputnik, the first artificial satellite. It forces US to start DARPA, which created the ARPANET (now Internet).
10/04/1979: HP introduces HP-41c, first programmable calculator. And first with alphanumeric characters.
10/04/1968: HP first used the term Personal Computer in an advertisement.
In 1995: Philips, Sony, Toshiba and Panasonic introduce Digital Video Disc (DVD) format. The begining of the end of VHS VCR.
10/04/2009: StarChase introduce PMS, a Bullet with GPS, for police chases.
10/05/1992: IBM presents his legendary Thinkpad laptop. The resurrection of the IBM brand in the PC market.
10/05/2004: J.Battelle y T.O’Reilly definen Web2.0 como la web totalmente interactiva.
10/05/1886: D.Felt introduce Comptometer, first calculator to use keyboard.
10/05/2007: ThinkGeek presents the first shirt with Wi-Fi network detector.
In 2004: Nokia, Sony and Philips create NFC Forum. To promote the NFC, the base for less than 4 cms communication.
10/05/1947: first presidential speech on TV: Truman was seen by 44,000 TVs.
10/05/2011: Dies Steve Jobs, co-founder and CEO of Apple Inc.
10/06/1994: B.Slivka outlines the OHare Browser (Internet Explorer), the Internet access for PC-OS Chicago (Windows 95).
10/06/1960: American Standards Association initiates the development of ASCII standard for exchanging text.
10/06/1996: Oops! S. McNealy, Sun CEO: “When the anthropologists dust off the 1980-1990s productivity dip, they’re going to blame Office”
10/06/1998: Microsoft introduces his first phone, the Cordless Phone System.
10/06/2014: Facebook acquires WhatsApp for $ 22 billion.
10/06/1999: J.Johansen (DVD Jon), attacks the copyright to break the lock using DeCSS DVD.
10/06/1914: Edwin Armstrong patented the first “Wireless Receiver System.”
10/06/2010: Google introduces Google TV.
10/06/2010: K.Systrom and M.Krieger presents Instagram in the App Store.
10/06/2005: Symantec detected the first virus in PlayStation Portable (PSP): the Trojan.PSPBrick.
10/07/1954: IBM introduces IBM 608, the first commercial computer 100% transistorized.
10/07/2003: Nokia N-Gage combines cellular and portable gaming console.
10/07/2008: Virgin Galactic rejects 1MM USD to record first porn film in 0 gravity.
10/07/2010: Casio Prizm, first pocket calculator with color graphics.
In 1937: In Memphis USA, C.Saunders presents Keedoozle, first store 100% automated.
10/07/1806: R. Wedgewood patented carbon paper: an “apparatus to duplicate writing”.
10/07/1959: The Ship Moon III (USSR) photographs the dark side of the moon. pic. twitter.com/XSpcwDOocp
10/08/1997: Yahoo buys Four11 Rocketmail. Soon it would become the most widely used email.
10/08/1991: Tim Berners-Lee creates the standard URL:protocol: //server/directory /file.
In 1941: IBM launches in Caracas a punch card factory.
In 1977: Phillips set diameter of the Compact Disc will be 11.5 cm because it is the measure of the diagonal of the Compact Cassette.
2003: Project Gutenberg (the main library of free ebooks) reaches 10,000 digitized books.
10/08/2004: FDA certifies the VeriChip, RFID first to be implanted in humans.
In 10/2012: Starbucks install in Boston the first Wireless-Charging point.
10/09/1959: Arkay introduces the Fantasia console: combines TV and DVD with hi-fi stereo.
10/09/2009: Google has scanned more than 10 million books for his Google Book Search service (Google Books).
In 2000: The GlobeNet submarine cable connects USA, Venezuela and Brazil: 1,28Tb/s
10/09/2006: Google buys YouTube for $ 1.6 billion.
10/09/1947: BINAC development starts: the first digital electronic computer.
10/09/2013: Samsung unveils the Galaxy Round, first curved screen phone.
In 1993: Freed the MPEG-1 video. Designed to compress VHS video format and transfer it to CD Digital.
10/10/2006: Access to Wikipedia is unlocked in China, after a year of censorship.
10/10/2006: The comedy Click is the first movie recorded on Blu-ray format.
10/10/1994: Presented Netscape 0.9 Beta. Replaces Mosaic, the first popular browser.
10/10/1796: Birth of the Decimal Metric System. The day 10/10 was chosen because is a base 10 system.
In 1954: in Venezuela Creole installed the first IBM computer to automate their accounting processes.
10/11/2001: Polaroid, the king of instant photography, file bankruptcy for not adapt to the digital era.
10/11/1979: D.Bricklin introduce the VisiCalc spreadsheet. Transforms a toy PC into a work tool.
10/11/1988: It took one month to calculate the factorial of a 100-digit number using computer network in USA, Australia and Europe.
In 1980: Tim Berners-Lee (CERN) presents Enquire an hypertext program, predecessor of the World Wide Web.
10/11/1968: Fritz Baur first used the term “Software Engineer”.
10/12/2015: DELL buys EMC2 for $ 67 billion.
10/12/2004: Microsoft releases Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
10/12/2012: Internet Archive store reaches bytes of the web .. http://archive.org/
10/12/1988: Steve Jobs unveils the NeXT Workstation. Price: 6500USD.
In 1988: Sony-Philips published its Yellow Book. It was a standard that transforms Audio CD in CD-ROM for storing data.
10/12/2011: AMD introduces the FX-8150, the first commercial 8-core processor.
10/13/1983: In Chicago, Ameritech Mobile Communications launches the first cellular network in USA.
10/13/1994: Mosaic Netscape Version 0.9 beta is the first web browser that support cookies.
In 1959: Launched the first Transit satellite (predecessor of GPS). It took hours to fix a position.
10/13/2004: France allows cinemas and theaters cellphone blocking except in emergencies.
10/13/2005: Launch and distribution of Linux Ubuntu5.10, The Breezy Badger.
10/13/1860: In Boston, James Black takes the first aerial photograph.
In 1989: T.Henter introduce JAWS Screen Reader, market leader in technology for visually impaired participants.
10/14/2015: Is detected the first Phantom Dron
10/14/1985: B.Stroustrup publishes The C++ Programming Language. C++ is the language most widely used today.
10/14/2005: EBay buys Skype for USD 2.600mm. In 2011 it was sold to Microsoft for 8.500MM USD.
In 1961: R.Mattessich introduces the idea of the spreadsheet in “Budgeting Models and SystemSimulation”.
10/14/2007: Broadcom BCM21551 presents the first 3G phone embeded on a Chip.
10/15/1987: Is detected Jerusalem Virus, the first virus to infect files. Every Friday 13th erases infected files.
10/15/2002: The Googling verb is used for the first time on television.
10/15/1582: Adopted the Gregorian Calendar. The October 4 becomes 15. Days 5 to October 14 never occurred.
10/15/2009: Finland is the first country to establish by law internet access for his citizens.
10/15/1985: IBM Announces Token Ring network.
10/15/2005: The sharing service Kazaa P2P file exceeds 54 petabtyes (54millones gigabytes)
10/15/1992: Dana Plato is the first star to act in a Video Game: The Night Trap.
10/16/1973: Seiko introduce Quartz LC VFA 06LC, first with 6-digit LCD.
10/16/1956: IBM introduces FORTRAN, first high level (3rd Generation) programming language.
In 1967, Hewlett-Packard (HP) opens in Venezuela his second subsidiary for Latin America.
In 10/1983: PC World reports that the Lotus 1-2-3 displaced the spreadsheet Visicalc.
In 1964 Olivetti Programma 101, billed as the first Desktop Computer.
1959-1964: 2nd Generation Computers: The Age of Transistors.
In 1962: N.Holonyak (GE) introduced the first LED visible light (red light).
10/17/2009: Motorola introduce Droid first Android able to face the iPhone device.
10/17/2006: The FBI closed the site EliteTorrents for publishing Star Wars III before his release.
10/17/1990: Created the Internet Movie Database site. It was sold in 1998 to Jeff Bezos and became Amazon.
In 10/2010: Unicode Project releases version 6.0: The emoticons are standardized.
In 1982 is founded Latin America Epson Venezuela, SA
10/17/1979: Software Arts and Personal Software introduce VisiCalc, spreadsheet for Apple II.
10/18/2012: Neo-Nazi Group receives the first censorship of content by Twitter.
10/18/1999: Time Magazine honors Jobs as a technology pioneer. And he was just begining!.
10/18/1958: W.Higinbotham introduce the game Tennis for Two. It ran in Oscilloscope.
10/18/2007: Ready for download Ubuntu 7.10
10/18/1999: IBM introduced the Ultrastar DD 72ZX. It had a outstanding capacity of 73GB!.
10/18/1842: Samuel Morse installs the first wiring Telegraph in New York.
10/18/1929: G.Tauschek patents the magnetic drum memory. It had 62.5KB.
10/18/1985: Nintendo presents his Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).
10/19/1878: Edison makes the first demonstration of an incandescent bulb.
10/19/1981: DEC plans to use the VT-100 terminal to compete on the PC market.
10/19/2006: Monza host the World Cyber Games Championship. 700 players. Four hundred thousand USD in prizes.
10/19/2006: Project +Raices : LACNIC, ISC and CNTI installed the Venezuelan first DNS Root Server.
10/19/2011: Launched ViaSat ViaSat-1: Internet speed record: over 140 Gbit/s .
10/19/1985: The first Blockbuster video store opens in Dallas, Texas.
10/19/1994: T.Nicely get an error (bug FDIV) in the Pentium 5. Fix it costs Intel 450MM USD.
10/19/1972: B.Baumgart wins first tournament gaming (Spacewar) on a PDP-1.
10/20/1997: Justice Department sues Microsoft for require use of his browser to use Windows.
20/10/1999: Is Alive Web Site of Encyclopaedia Britannica. It falls immediately by the huge number of visitors.
10/20/1975: Atari presents Hi-Way, first video game with cabin shape.
In 10/2013: 94Fifty Introduces First Intelligent Basketball ball.
10/20/1949: NJ Woodland patented technology barcode.
10/20/2008: Microsoft gets patent for a system of online sound censorship.
10/21/1949: Wang apply for the patent of the memory of ferrite magnetic core.
10/21/2002: The biggest Hacker DDoS attack so far: 6 mil computers attack 13 Internet servers.
10/21/2015: Back to the Future: Marty McFly visit us. #BackToTheFuture
10/21/1993: Apple Macintosh Quadra 605, first case “pizza box” (3 “high).
10/21/2013: 10/21/2013: Nestle/Ogilvy present Tweeting Bra. Bra Tweets when is unfasted.
10/21/1991: Apple introduces the PowerBook 100, first portable Macintosh.
10/21/2008: Google release the Android operating system based on Linux.
10/22/1959: IBM introduces 1620. With that model (UCV 1960) computer studies begins in Venezuela.
10/22/2009: Released Microsoft Windows 7.
10/22/1938: Created the first xerographic image.
In 10/1985: Casio FX-7000G presents the first graphing calculator.
In 1947: Watson Business Machines CA changed his name to IBM of Venezuela SA .
In 2002: A Venezuelan Deputy accuses DirecTV of spying using their decoders.
In 1961: Fairchild Camera RTL, flip-flop set/reset, first Integrated Circuit available as Chip.
10/23/2001: Apple introduced the iPod audio player.5GB for 399USD.
In 10/2010: Stuart Hughes Diamond Rose IPhone 4 32GB, most expensive cellphone: USD 8 million.
10/23/2010: Chatbot Suzette (goo.gl/86N1g) of B.Wilcox only robot assumed human by Turing Test.
In 1969 Englebart installed in his laboratory (ARC/SRI), the 2nd node IMP. When communicating that node and UCLA would be born Arpanet.
10/23/2015: Venezuelan Central Bank sues a web page over claims of Cyberterrorism and create inflation
10/23/2010: M.Hanscom (Microsoft employee) photograph an Apple G5 Mac Pro purchased by Microsoft. He is fired.
10/24/1861: The first telegraph Transcontinental line was completed through USA.
10/24/1972: Kahn presents ARPANET to the public at International Computer Communication Conference.
10/24/2013: Microsoft installs in London a tablet of 383” to promote Surface .twitter.com/lWbbBOubXM.
In 10/2008: HTC introduce Dream, the first Android Smartphone (1.6).
10/24/1995: FNC defines Internet: A Global Information System that runs over IP and TCPIP.
10/25/2005: It was announced that US passports will come with an RFID chip 64KB personal data.
10/25/2001: Microsoft makes the worldwide launch of Windows XP.
10/25/2012: Microsoft introduces Windows operating system 8. First-Tablet PC platform.
10/25/1984: Osborne presents Vixen: Z80A CPU, 64KB RAM and 390KB floppy.
10/25/1960: Bulova Accutron 214 presents the first electronic wristwatch.
10/25/1966: At the convention of the American Bankers it is introduced the first ATM.
10/25/2005: iMesh6, is the first P2P approved by RIAA Recording Industry Association of America.
10/25/1977: DEC presents OpenVMS 1.0, mainframe operating system GUI.
10/26/2009: Facebook allows, if someone dies, his friends alerted them. They blocked the profile without deleting it.
10/26/1977: Digital Equipment introduce the VAX computer.
In 10/1999: Digitel launches first mobile phone network GSM (2G) in Venezuela. .
In 10/1972: Internet Origins: In ICCC, Kahn made the first public presentation of ARPANET
10/26/1861: The Pony Express ceases operations when is inaugurated the Transcontinental Telegraph line.
10/26/2009: Yahoo! Suspended the GeoCities Web Hosting service. Yahoo! bought it in 1999 for US $ 3.5 billion.
10/27/1986: Microsoft introduces Word for Macintosh.
10/27/1980: First network outage. ARPANET falls for four hours.
10/27/2008: First case of cyber warfare coordinated with ground combat: Russian hackers attacked Georgian government Web.
10/27/2003: Dell presents Digital Jukebox (DJ) to compete with the iPod.
10/27/1994: First banner on the web, advertising on AT&T: Have you ever clicked your mouse here?
10/27/1994: HotWired the very first commercial Web Magazine, started advertising on the Internet.
10/27/1998: Microsoft announces the final name for Windows NT 5.0: Windows 2000.
10/28/2004: AMD presents the Personal Internet Communicator, just 185USD.
10/28/1969: ANSI Presents SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language), HTML precursor.
10/28/1865: Edison received his first patent: an electric vote machine.
In 1952: Is presented the first typewriter operated by remote control. .
10/28/1955: Born in USA William “Bill” Gates III, co-founder of Microsoft
10/28/2013: Installed Robocoin (first Bitcoin ATM) in a Café (Vancouver)
10/29/1969: The very first message on the ARPANET, the word “Logon”. The network falls down when typing the letter “G”.
In 10/1961: Bell Punch presents ANITA Mark VII, the first fully electronic calculator.
10/29/2013: C.Adabie receives the first ticket for driving using Google Glass.
10/29/2008: Venezuela launches first satellite from Sichuan, China.
10/29/2002: Venezuela Internet2 subscribe to the signing agreement between CNTI and UCAID.
In 10/2003: A.Rubin, R.Miner, N.Sears and C.White found Android Inc. In 08/2005 Google Inc. purchased it by $ 50 million.
In 10/2015: Ukraine: Lenin is replaced by Darth Vader. And the Force is with him: the helmet is a Wi-Fi hotspot.
10/30/2006: the usage-world Web browsers share is presented: IE 86%, 11.5% Firefox, Safari and Opera under 2%
10/30/1938: Orson Welles broadcasts his radio dramatization of War of the Worlds, causing panic in USA.
10/30/1981: In Locker, Susan Dey is the first computer-generated actress.
10/30/1983: Knight-Ridder presents Viewtron, videotext service via modem. In 1986 is replaced by Internet http://youtu.be/FIT00kBKhbk
10/30/1987: TurboGrafx-16 starts Generation 4 (87-96) consoles: 16 bits.
10/30/2012: Disney bought Lucasfilm for 4.050MM USD and announced Star Wars VII 2015.
10/30/1970: Niklaus Wirth sent to Acta Computer the Pascal Language guidelines. Published in Vol. 1, Fasc.1, 1971.
10/31/2013: Venezuelan President accuses Twitter to attack the revolution by removing him 6600 followers.
In 1985: Created NSFnet, more powerful than Arpanet. The original Internet backbone.
10/31/2013: Oops! Venezuelans Twitterers use Twitter to denounce Twitter as spam.
10/31/2008: S.Nakamoto presents Bitcoin virtual currency backed by cryptographic algorithms.
10/31/2003: GPS YV @Gpsyv presents VENRUT 2.0, first GPS map of Venezuela. http://www.gpsyv.net
10/31/1985: Sony is accused of inoculating their CDs Virus to prevent illegal copying. .
10/31/2000: IBM and SUSE presents Enterprise Server for S/390, the first Linux for Mainframe.