Google Wants To Transform Waze Into Ride-Sharing Platform

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Tech Times 08/31/2016. Google plans to tap into the big potential of ride-sharing platforms by tweaking Waze’s features and transform Waze Into Ride-Sharing Platform, but competitors such as Lyft and Uber have nothing to fear just yet. Waze, a crowdsourced mapping and navigation app purchased by Google three years ago, is offering its ride-sharing program […]

The Era of dataplan is over

T-Mobile deal ‘may breach US net neutrality’ rules

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T-Mobile’s new “unlimited” data plan may breach US net neutrality rules, campaigners have said. The firm claims it offers “unlimited access to the mobile internet”, but it charges extra for some services. The digital rights group the Electronic Frontier Foundation told the news website the Daily Dot it thought that would contravene the rules. US […]

Apple confirms QuickTime for Windows at end of life

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After an 11-year run, QuickTime for Windows is no more. Last week, Apple announced that it would no longer issue security updates or conduct software development for QuickTime for Windows, one of the most common video players around. Last week software security outfit Trend Micro disclosed the discovery of two new flaws in QuickTime 7 […]