August on Tech History

08/01/1990: Tim Berners -Lee suggests creating a Network System Hyperlinks . The origin of the World Wide Web.0901-xerox-ws
In 1988: The intern Wes Cherry creates Solitaire for Windows 2.1 . He didnt recieve any pay for that.
In 1971: Intel introduce the 1702, first Chip EPROM. the beggining of the firmware.
08/01/1970: First Query of remote database: a computer in Paris query data in California.
08/01/1993: Fujitsu introduce the Numerical supercomputer Wind Tunnel, with 100 gigaflops!.
08/01/2001: Serial ATA Working Group Serial ATA completes specifications 1.0 , replaces the ATA interface.
In 1997: Cell phones are connected to the Internet permanently with General Packet Radio Service (GPRS ) in GSM 2G. Max 50kbps.
In 2001: Ericsson introduce the T39, first cell phone with Bluetooth.
In 1998: EDGE (Enhanced Data-rates for GSM Evolution) triggers the data transmission rate in 250kbps.
08/02/1984: Epson introduce ET-10, first mini color TV with LCD.
In 08/1998: Unofficially act in Def Con 6 K.Smith shows the first attack DoS.
08/02/1999: Web browser market share: Microsoft Internet Explorer 75, Netscape Navigator 23.
08/02/2013: Institute Riken use a supercomputer K to simulate 1 second of brain activity in 40 minutes
In 08/1971: N.Bushnell and T.Dabney creates the comercial videogame industry: Computer Space, is the first coin-operated videogame
08/03/1991: Tim Berners -Lee describes his idea of a global network (WWW).
In 1997: Openwave announce UP.Browser, first microbrowser for cellular.
In 1943: J.W. Tukey coined the term bit abbreviating "binary digit".
08/03/1977: Radio Shack introduce the microcomputer TRS-80. It had 4kB RAM.
In 08/2000: Private CANTV and others install the submarine cable AMERICAS 2 : 2.5 Gb / s . Reaches Camurí.
08/04/2003: Brandenburgo (Berlín) It is the first region on earth that changes the TV from analog to digital completely.
08/04/1969: Venezuela: National Radio introduce the micro Our Unusual Universe, libretto by Rafael Silva and story by Porfirio Torres.
In 1979: Michael Aldrich invents buying online when he was connecting a TV and a computer.
08/04/2002: introduce the first version of EMule, file sharing program peer-to-peer.
08/04/1922: All the phones in USA saved 1 minute of silence for the death of Alexander Graham Bell.
08/04/1987: IBM introduce PS/2 modelo 25, Intel 8086, with monitor but without hard disk.
08/05/1921: First radio broadcast of a baseball game : Pirates 8-5 Phillies.
In 08/2009: Wireless Power Consortium introduce the Qi standard for wireless charging Inductive.
08/05/1988: Starts the first service of real-time messaging : Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
08/05/1999: eMachines introduce eOne, they copied the iMac but under Windows.
In 1984: F.Hillebrand and B.Ghillebaert conceptualised SMS Services that provide text message sending.
08/05/2011: The Internet2 announce Internet Protocol v.6. Increases IP Addresses Available.
08/06/1997: Microsoft saves Apple by injecting 150MM USD (non-voting shares)
08/06/2010: Saudi Arabia suspends BlackBerry messaging services for security reasons.
08/06/1981: Thomson Holidays introduce the online e-commerce store B2B
08/06/1991: World Wide Web is released to the public.
08/06/1997: Gates and Jobs ally Microsoft and Apple until 2003: sharing developments and licensing.
In 1979: S.Nakamura creates the first blue LED and complete the primary color LEDs .
08/07/1963: IBM introduce the 1050 data communications system, interface for the IBM/360.
In 2008: EBay auctioning mastodon skeleton , starts at 115K USD
08/07/1946: Created the Large - Scale Subcommittee on Computing Devices. Since 1963 is known as IEEE.
08/07/1972: Dennis Ritchie introduce the Manual of Unix Compiler for the Language C.
08/07/1944: introduced the primitive computer Harvard Mark I at Harvard.
08/07/1973: Plato introduce Notes, board messages , source of Internet Forums.
08/08/1876: Edison patents the mimeograph , the office copier.
08/08/1989: Microsoft introduce Microsoft Office.
08/08/2013: Lavabit ( Encrypted email ) closes for not delivering data to US government.
In 1957: Rusell Kirsch scans the first image to a computer.
08/08/2015: Samsung introduce PM1633a, the first "disk" Solid State (SSD) of 16 TB.
08/08/2008: Apple eliminates the App "I Am Rich ". It costs 1000USD and only showed a ruby. 8 people bought it .
08/08/2001: Baxter introduce e-Chair, Internet access while donating blood.
In 08/1972: Odyssey: The first generation ( 72-77 ) consoles are state machines without CPU.
08/09/2015: 70th anniversary of the atomic bomb : Walt Disney Japan tweet "Congratulations on a non special day"
In 2001: Activated, was the first URL shortener public service.
In 1998: EDT introduce Floodnet, tool for civil disobedience by denial of service attacks DDoS.
In 1989: Dr. Amar Bose introduce his Noise - Reducing Headset.
08/09/1999: AMD introduced the Athlon processor to compete with Intel.
08/10/2010: the University of Calgary introduce Neurochip: chip that interacts with neurons.
08/10/2015: 0810 CineMassive creates a Minesweeper game of 38.799 mines using 24 screens
08/10/2005: Lee Seung dies in South Korea after playing StarCraft for 49 hours.
08/10/1987: Borland introduce the software Quattro spreadsheet for the IBM PC.
08/10/2004: Itunes Music Store exceeds 1 million mark of songs available
08/10/1928: The pioneer of TV JL Baird introduce the Stereosco
08/10/1996: Compress Da Audio published in IRC chat the first pirate MP3 on internet: “Until It Sleeps” (Metallica).
08/11/1950: Born Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder and inventor of the first PC.
In 2001: Released 3G mobile communication system Universal Mobile Telecommunications System ( UMTS ) , GSM successor .
08/11/2000: Intelligent Systems and Nintendo introduce Paper Mario for Nintendo 64.
08/11/1987: Apple introduce Hypercard, the first successful hypermedia systems before the World Wide Web.
In 1977: Sinclair introduce the first Wrist Calculator.
08/11/2003: MSBlast worm released on the Internet. 9.5 million infected Windows PC.
In 1962: Internet sources : J.Licklider (DARPA ) proposes a "Galactic Network " interconnected computers to share information.
In 1988: J.Mogul de DEC introduce the first Firewall (packet filtering).
08/12/1981: IBM introduce the IBM PC, it works under MS-DOS.
In 1991: Telcel is the first company to offer cellular service in Venezuela (AMPS 1G).
08/12/1935: AEG introduce Magnetophon , the first magnetic tape recorder .
In 1981: Richard Lyon presents the first optical mouse at Xerox PARC.
In 1976: Fairchild Channel F initiates Generation 2 ( 76-84 ) consoles equipment with CPU.
08/13/2008: @BarackObama It becomes the most followed Twitter profile.
In 1977: Canepa and Bachman (Honeywell) introduce DSA (7 layers) , origin of the OSI model
In 2000: Digitel introduced in Venezuela , thanks to its GSM network , text messaging.
In 1839: Robert Cornelius take the first selfie using a Daguerreotype.
In 1995: Mouse Systems ProAgio first commercial mouse with scroll wheel .
08/14/2013: For the first time smartphone sales (51.8 % ) outperform traditional cellular.
In 1985: ARMH introduce the Architecture RISC ARM of low consumption, dominates modern mobile technology.
08/14/1894: Oliver Lodge makes the first wireless transmission of information. Using Morse Code.
In 1972: B.English and J.Hawley introduce the first modern mouse. It included Trackball
08/14/2007: Nokia launches the replacement of 46 million BL- 5C by risk of exploding.
In 1976: Bytesaver replaces paper tape by EPROM memory in microcomputers.
08/14/1984: Microsoft releases MS- DOS 3.0 . DD can handle about 10MB.
In 1996: Microgaming introduce the first Online Casino.
08/15/2014: The Premier League threatens legal action to publish their goals in social networks.
In 1994: B.Slivka, Windows 95 programmer , press to add a Browser. Internet Explorer Born of his effort.
In 1974: Kee Games/Atari Tank, successful for the quality of graphics, controls and sound.
08/15/2014: The Premier League threatens legal action to publish their goals in social networks.
In 1982: Epson QX-10, Z80 -based leader in Venezuela in the 80s.
08/15/1877: Edison first recorded sound in his phonograph : " Mary had a little lamb "
08/16/1975: BBN introduce Telenet, first public packet exchange network ( commercial version of ARPANET).
08/16/2012: Ecuador grants asylum to WikiLeaks founder J.Assange.
08/16/1994 : IBM introduce Simon , first PDA touchscreen cell phone.
08/16/1950: First transmission of television pictures in Venezuela : from the Red Cross Hospital to the Avila Hotel .
08/16/1988: IBM introduce the first artificial intelligence software.
In 1985: Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released to the public the 900MHz, 2.4 and 5.8GHz bands. Paving the way of the Wi-Fi .
08/16/1890: USA announce census automation , using the Hollerith Census Machine.
08/17/1966: The first patent is granted a Software " Automatic Solution of Linear Programming Problems"
08/17/1908: Emile Cohl introduce Fantasmagorie, the first animated cartoon
In 08/1931: This Portable Radio allows you to hear your program at home or while driving.
08/17/1982: Royal Philips Electronics manufactures the first cd.
In 1996: B.Kahle introduce Internet Archive, the biggest digital library of the moment.
08/17/2005: Google buys Android Inc. for 50.00.000 USD.
In 1988: Bellcore patented ADSL transmits data via telephone cable , without using the voice frequency .
In 2006: Sony changes over 4 million minilaptop battery, the largest battery recall in the electronics industry.
In 08/1972: Casio Mini, for his low price starts massification of calculators.
08/18/1947: William Hewlett and David Packard founded HP . In 1936 they started in a garage.
08/18/1985: Microsoft introduce QuickBASIC (QB) for DOS in diskette of 5,25".
In 07/1994: Fraunhofer Society introduce l3enc, first software encoder to MPEG Layer III (future MP3).
08/19/1839: Daguerre introduce his new photographic system in the French Academy of Sciences.
08/19/2014: Fuhu introduce Big Tab, a giant android tablet of 24" for 550USD.
In 1948: IBM Modular architecture reduces maintenance time from hours to minutes .
08/19/2010: auction domains and declared void . Initial price was 5 million USD.
In 1971: Don Daglow introduce Baseball, the first interactive baseball game, it ran on a PDP -10.
In 1971: M.Mayfield introduce the Text Star Trek game, made in Basic.
08/20/1998: LACTLD created , groups and represents the ccTLDs of Latin America and the Caribbean.
08/20/1920: Start the first commercial radio station in Detroit, Michigan.
08/20/2012: eBay announced that from September 2012 , prohibit the sale of spells and potions.
08/20/2001: Hewlett -Packard has DVD100i DVD writer . The first DVD + RW for personal computers.
08/20/2012: McAfee hires the Hacker Barnaby Jack to attack car computers.
08/20/2012: Apple, almost bankrupt in 1997 , it became the most valuable company in the USA.
08/20/2014: Twitter announces the suspension of accounts that share videos and images of beheadings.
08/20/1896: is patented the dial phone.
08/21/1888: William Seward Burroughs patented his adding machine.
08/21/1980: IBM discussing with Microsoft on the new PC, ask for the CP / M . Gates forwards with Kildall (Digital Research).
In 1990: ATT Bell introduce the 2cond generation of firewalls (circuit level), on layer 4 of the OSI model.
In 1953: historic milestone is reached 100 computers around the world.
In 1990: Dycam Model I, first commercial digital camera. With black and white photos.
08/21/1980: Bill Gates called Gary Kildall to arrange a meeting between IBM and Digital Research on operating system CP / M.
In 1976: Atari Flyball, first generation baseball videogame.
08/22/1849: Austria attacks Venice using a dron (aircraft unmanned).
08/22/1980: IBM and Kildall 's wife by Digital Research meet to negotiate the use of CP / M-86 on the PC. Can not agree.
08/22/1902: Theodore Roosevelt is the first President to drive a car.
08/22/2007: Storm botnet sends 57 million email spam in one day!.
In 1929: The BBC broadcast the first program of public television.
In 08/1968: Internet origins : DARPA prepares the RFQ for the development of the first Routers (Interface Messages Processor)
In 08/1993: H.Sjödin in NetWorld + Interop conference aims to create Wireless Networks in Public Places (Hotspot).
08/23/2011: Twitter announce the encrypted protocol SSL.
08/23/2007: Google launches Google Earth Sky
08/23/1966: Lunar Orbiter1 takes the first
08/23/2007: C.Messina proposes group subjects using # , known as hashtag in Twitter.
08/23/2012: WhatsApp unstoppable, about 10,000 million messages a day .
08/24/2006: The Dell DJ Ditty , falls into the war of the MP3 .
08/24/1853: The Chef George Crum invents the potato chip.
08/24/2000: Nintendo introduce the Gamecube console.
08/24/2015: Facebook reaches one billion users in a single day . 7% of the world.
08/24/1995: IBM is the latest manufacturer to receive permission to use Windows 95. Microsoft chastised for using Lotus SmartSuite .
08/24/1972: Alan Kay introduce Dynabook, precursor of the current laptops and tablets.
08/24/1981: Notice of Apple full-page in WSJ: "Welcome IBM Seriously . " (to the PC world).
08/24/1995: Microsoft releases Windows 95. Introducing Internet Explorer.
08/25/1900: C. Perskyi, used for first time the word television in the international fair of Paris.
08/25/1994: Aftonbladet is the first major newspaper to be published online.
08/25/1991: Linus Torvalds announce the development of a new operating system: Freix (freak+Unix, now called Linux).
08/25/2008: 3M introduce MPro110, the first handheld projector.
08/25/2000: Founded the first Trojan for Palm handheld.
08/25/1980: Microsoft XENIX, UNIX clone operating system for 16-bit CPU.
08/25/1996: Netscape, IBM, Oracle, NEC, Nintendo, Sega and Sony creates Navio Corp, to compete with Microsoft.
08/26/2012: FDA approves sale of pills with RFID chip to monitor intake of medicines.
In 08/1995: CNN evolves from selling news in CD-ROM to have a website.
In 08/1950: SRI/Bank of América create first check with magnetic ink printed features.
In 1994: Gauntlet introduce the first firewall on OSI layer 7. He was the leader until 1998.
08/26/1994: Born SCO Group, a corporation associated with the free software movement.
08/26/1939: W2XBS from Ebbets Field first televised MLB game : Cincinnati Reds 5-2 Brooklyn Dodgers.
08/26/2014: Internet of Things : Intel XMM 6255, the world's smallest 3G modem autonomous.
08/27/2002: VCRs: Sony announces the end of production of Betamax, replaced by digital formats.
08/27/1995: After 4 days of the launch, Microsoft has sold a million copies of Windows95.
In 1975: Satolex introduce Calcu-Pen, the first calculator pen.
08/27/1955: The Guinness Brewery introduce the Guinness Book of Records.
In 2003: China Electronics introduce SmartWatch F88. Watch Phone on CDMA.
08/27/2003: Nokia 1100, the world's best selling electronic device.
08/27/1836: Patented the telegraph. Morse code is very similar to binary code.
08/28/1996: R.Lussier (Kinetix) introduce Dancing Baby, one of the first viral videos.
08/28/2008: Jobs laughs at Bloomberg to publish obituary three years before his death.
In 1978: Seiko introduce FX 003. Primitive SmartwatchSmartwatch. first watch with memory bank.
28/08/1980: Given the Disagreement with Kildall, IBM Demand Microsoft An alternative to CP / M -86.
In 08/1974: C.Peddle and others ex-Motorola reach to MOS Tech. the chip price dropped from 300 to 25USD.
08/28/1991: the first email is sent from space to earth: from the shuttle Atlantis using Macintosh
08/29/1988: J.Becker introduce Unicode88. With 16bits replaces the ASCII to support non-English alphabets.
08/29/2003: Skype introduce the first public beta version. P2P Telephony begins.
08/29/1961: An IBM1401 predicts that Roger Maris will break a record of Babe Ruth with 60 HR.
08/29/2014: Internet Archive up to 2.6 million Flickr photos from the 1500s to 1922. And we still have to climb another 12 million !
29/08/1976: Jobs offers to sell Apple to Commodore for $ 100,000 and job for him and Woz. They rejected.
08/29/1973: A ARPA study shows that email constitutes 75% of all ARPANET traffic.
08/29/2013: Taco Bell "eat your words" print your tweets in tacos and makes you eat them.
08/30/2002: Evil Eye Software introduce Optix Pro, one of the most lethal Trojans of his time.
In 08/1980: Seattle Computer introduce 86-QDOS 0.10 (Quick and Dirty Operating System), based in CP/M.
08/30/1975: John Vittal develops MSG, the first email program with reply and forward functions.
In 1974: Microma, first watch to integrate an electronic system, everything on a chip.
In 1984: Casio CD 40. Primitive Smartwatch, stores 10 phones (4 letters + 12 digits).
08/30/1998: Google invents the Doodle, to celebrate the Burning Man Festival
31/08/1996: Nokia introduce the 9000, first cell phone with internet connection.
In 1984: Seiko watch RC-1000, Smartwatch: 16kb RAM. The 1st with a PC interface.
08/31/1999: SOZO Design introduce the Ottoman Chair / Computer.
In 1977: Atari 2600 includes the game Combat !, it brings tanks, biplanes, and jet fighters.
08/31/1987: created the Corporation Suiche 7B, first red of Automated Teller Machine in Venezuela.
08/31/1955: McCarthy, Minsky, Rochester y Shannon coined the term Artificial Intelligence.
In 08/1999: Consultant Interbrand invented the term and Wi- Fi logo.