Our Services

Software & Hardware Representation

We have agreements with major and popular software and hardware vendors. We can provide licenses from
Mcafee, Microsoft and hardware from Fortinet, Lenovo, HP, Dell

Business IT Services

We work with many kinds of customers with unique needs and very different budget levels. We desing an IT plans adjusted to costumer needs and budget to help them get the best value and strategically select their services and products.

Residential IT Services

Get professional grade IT support and guidance in your home. Our business-class technicians come to your home to solve your computer problems, set up devices, network and answer your questions.


About US

Initially established in 2003 as IT Projects C.A., in Caracas, Venezuela, a Group of Professionals on IT area decided to start a business offering services, procedures and methodologies only availables for big companies to a small and medium size business.

On 2010 we expand business to USA with IT Xtructures INC, mainly on Florida State. IT Xtructures is a provider of online technical support services to consumers and small businesses across a wide range of computing and communications devices and software with support in both languages English and Spanish, we offer incident based services for tech support and yearly subscription plans. 

IT Xtructures employs computer technicians with the knowledge, training and professionalism to efficiently manage your business network.